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Cheaha Mountain

Cheaha Mountain is the highest natural point in the state of Alabama standing 2,407 feet above sea level. Cheaha State Park is located in Delta, AL, and is a one-hour drive from Birmingham, AL. In addition to offering views that are often above cloud level, the state park also has several miles of trails. The Cheaha Trailhead located in the park connects to the Pinhoti National Recreation Trail which is an extension of The Appalachian Trail, the longest hiking trail in the world.

In addition to hiking trails, Cheaha State Park has lodge rooms, cabins, and A-frame chalets available for rental. The park is also home to the Vista Cliffside Restaurant which has amazing views of the surrounding area, and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets.

The rock formations have cool names like Grotto, Burr’s Hideout, Pulpit Rock, Witches Cavern, Dance Hall, etc. Burr’s Hideout received its name when it was believed that Arron Burr hid there after shooting Alexander Hamilton, but it later became apparent that Alabama outlaw Rube Burrows hid in the spot during the 1800s.

The Park was built in part by Companies 465, 468, and 2420 of the Civilian Conservation Corps during the 1930s. The Civilian Conservation Corps was created as part of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal legislation.

Swimming, fishing, and paddle boating are activities that can be enjoyed in the 7-acre Cheaha Lake that was created by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Fishing requires a State of Alabama Fishing License.

Cheaha State Park is a great way to spend a day regardless of the temperature outside, and the views are easily accessible via a boardwalk built on the highest point in the park at Bald Rock, and admission is an affordable five dollars.

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