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C Sharp File Functions

C# File Functions

The example below shows different ways to use the Copy and Move functions associated with
the System.IO class library in Visual Studio. It is written using C#.

In order to test, copy and paste the code below into a Windows Form in a C# application,and call the CopyFiles() routine.

        private void CopyFiles()
            //Create a file to be copied
            System.IO.StreamWriter swFile = new System.IO.StreamWriter("C:\\testfile.txt           swFile.WriteLine("test"); //This line writes a line of text to the newly created file.

            //Check to see if a new directory exists, if not create a new directory
            if (System.IO.Directory.Exists("C:\newdir false)
                System.IO.Directory.CreateDirectory("c:\\newdir           }

            //Copy file to a new directory
            //System.IO.File.Copy(sourceFileName, destFileName,overwrite(true, false))
            System.IO.File.Copy("c:\\testfile.txt:\\newdir\\testfile.txt",true          //Copy file to a new directory and rename file
            System.IO.File.Copy("c:\\testfile.txt:\\newdir\\testfile_bak.txt",true          //Make a copy of the file with a new name in the same directory
            System.IO.File.Copy("c:\\testfile.txt","c:\\testfile_bak.txt",trueame the original file
            //Move the original file to the new directory

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